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What is Primobolan

Primobolan is a synthetic steroid, that is actually the material which seeks to mimic the effect of testosterone anabolic effect without androgenic. I will devote particular injectable (depot Primobolan = methenolon enanthate), but he also mentioned the oral dosing. I chose injectable form since it is more effective than A tablet (methenolone acetate), a non-17-alpha alkylated and thus get into the blood of a small amount of the active agent. Moreover enanthátová form also causes poor water retention, thus encouraging volume growth and muscle strength.

Primobolan reviews are very good. Primobolan depot is considered the safest steroid and something has to be paid. In this case, two are negative. Firstly, the high cost, 100mg vial costs 250 to 350 Sk and second low efficiency. Compared with testosterone (e.g. Sustanon 250) causes only slight increases, that is, on the other hand, of high quality and durable. So if you expect that from you in one cycle becomes a beast rather read in the last issue of Sustanon. However, if you stand on the modes of material, increase definition and also fears of side symptoms often associated with the use of steroids Primobolan is your best candidate.

Primobolan manufactured by German company Schering in injectable and oral form. It sold in brown vial containing 50mg (Mexico) and 100mg (Europe). From pills are the most popular Thai (5mg) sold in packages of 500 pieces.

Primobolan how to use:

Self Primobolan is used very little, mostly beginners. They can expect solid gains even at lower doses and elected him mainly for its relative harmlessness. Often then Encouraged by the results and the absence of side effects of switching to tougher steroids.

Primobolan is often used also in cutting cycle (to get rid of fat). Ensures protection of muscle catabolism due before reduction of calories taken in food and enhances fat burning. In this case it is most often combined with Winstrolom (stanozolol) at a dose of 200-400mg Primobolan / week, Winstrol Depot (injectable form) 50 mg every other day.

The volume training is combined with testosterone, Deca Durabolin and Dianabol. In such a combination provides Primobolan durability and quality of the materials.

Primobolan dosage:

If used separately, over the cycle still takes the same dose. Unusual be increased gradually at the beginning (pyramid) or lower at the end. It is not necessary after machining of the substance used to promote the formation of self testosterone, since it, except using megadávok Primobolanu, not affected.


Primobolan Depot is a long-acting steroid oil-based, so it is sufficient to apply it once a week. In clinical practice, medically supervised are dosed in 1200mg / week for frequently exceeding three months.

The steroids beginners good results at a dosage 200 mg / week (one injection per week) as well as the number of sources of recommended idea dosing amount of 400 mg / week (either a single injection or two injections divided into the 1st and 4th days of the week) is another method, first large dose of about 800-1000mg and then continue 200-400mg / week.

Combined with other steroids are most commonly used dosage of 200-400mg / week, depending on the amount of the other substances used.

Unusual is not dispensing 700-1000mg / week that prefer experienced the spreader dissatisfied with weaker effects Primobolanu compared with harder steroids (testosterone, etc.).

Tablets form of Primobolan:

It is used in about 20-100mg daily, but there are hardcoristi who are able to give 400mg daily (definitely not to try). Beginners good results already at doses of 20 mg daily.

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