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Based on the report the composition of reconciling individual components have a synergistic effect. So thanks propionate Sustanon it up and running within one day and decanoate will provide up to three-week activity. So appreciates the effectiveness and duration of action because, given the composition and quantity of active ingredients, the preparation is effective and within a few weeks. Benefits of Sustanon are known. Sustanon has a distinct androgenic effect which is associated with a strong anabolic effect.

Side effects:

Sustanon, which can be very convenient to buy from us, suppresses the endogenous production testosteron. Fluid retention and salt, or the risk of gynecomastia often point to its use. The user can register normal time, subject to androgen, side effects such as acne, oily skin, aggression, increased hair loss, increase libido, reduce the production of its own hormones. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of Sustanon it can harm your health, you should consult it with your doctor.

Other side effects depend on the susceptibility of the individual, and are similar to testosterone enanthate, but are not as common, respectively. not so strong. Liver damage is unlikely, but at very high doses can cause liver shift values ​​to normalize after shutting themselves.


How to take Sustanon,which you can buy cheap in our online store? Duration of action is 21 days. It is most frequently abused in volume periods when even at low doses can shortly after the abuse significantly increases the strength of the current potential for a significant increase in muscle
mass. Used in the cycle, or the first half. Dosed once every 4-7 days from 250 to 1500mg per week. It is taken for 8-12

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