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Boys are used in conjunction with a therapy to speed up growth, hypogonadism caused by a lack of androgens in women in some forms of anemia
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Benefits of Testosterone Enanthate:

The available information indicates that this is a resource that is being abused as doping consumers of pure volume androgenic anabolic steroids. Its builders effects would have surpassed the so-called. Hardsteroidy (oxymetholone, trenbolone, methandienone), which are considered unique in the abuse to build the brutal mass. It has a strong androgenic action with intense anabolic activity, resulting in high water retention, muscle mass and excellent potential for strength growth by force are particularly popular among doping consumers. Reported are also excellent regenerative abilities that allegedly reach such high parameters as anyone who has used testosterone enanthate, which you can buy cheaply in our online store, after two or three hours after intense leg workout without saying. Mentioned, they are also napumpovanosti high numbers. The abuse is also athletes who are due to many years of intensive training with chronic pain in the joints and vertebrae to alleviate this pain that manifests itself during exercise. For above average results achieved with testosterone enanthate, however, be paid in the form of unusually rich negative characteristics. Means aromatizes easily, and as a result, at the moment of abuse are very common as well. feminization symptoms (enveloping fat in the hips, gynecomastia), abruptly reduced endogenous testosterone production is a normal increase in blood pressure, acne on the back, chest and shoulders, but which often resumed after the stop agent. Of course, it is reduced spennatogenéza and sometimes to the uncontrollable aggression. The information that the adverse effect on the liver compared to oral steroids is considerably lower is also interesting.


The Steroid Testosterone Enanthate, which we can buy at an affordable price, is soluble in oil. It has a strong action of intensive anabolic androgenic activity, which causes high water retention, muscle mass and strength. Reported, they are also excellent regeneration ability and large numbers napumpovanosti. Flavoring means easily, the consequences of which are very common feminization symptoms (enveloping fat in the hips, gynecomastia), the production of extensively reduced endogenous testosterone is a normal increase in blood pressure, acne often but picked up after the arresting officer. Of course, there is a decrease in spermatogenesis and an increase in aggression. Its negative effect on the liver, however slightly.

Benefits of Testosterone Enanthate:

Although it is a 2-3 week prolonged-effect formulation, consumers of doping products prefer much shorter intervals between applications. From the available information, it is clear that the frequent combination with almost all existing anabolic-androgenic steroids, with data still covered the "right" receptors guaranteeing the desired effect of consumer doping. You can be sure that you are buying the original quality and authentic Testosterone Enanthate.


If you want to know something about the testosterone enanthate dosage, you're in the right place. It has a long half-life, so it is used at doses of 250-1500 mg every 4-7 days. It is usually used for 6-8 weeks. It is also not recommended for women. Its detection time is three months.

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